"Patra is an excellent trainer!  When I started working with her, I was an out of shape 40-something! It didn't take her long to work her magic and get me into shape.  Now, 7 years later,  I'm still going strong.  I am fit, toned, and conditioned.  Patra is the perfect combination of serious business, professional knowledge and pure fun.  I'm 50 years old and in the best shape of my life!" - Sharon,  Basking Ridge

"We initially approached Patra to have her perform a mobility study on our daughter. The prevalence of ACL injuries in female athletes and our daughter’s complaints of knee pain concerned us, especially since she aspired to compete at the collegiate level.  Patra identified potential areas of concern and worked with her to mitigate these potential mobility issues. Our daughter developed such a positive relationship with Patra that she requested to continue to work with her to increase her strength, speed and agility. Not only did Patra prepare our daughter physically for the rigors of collegiate athletics, she mentally prepared her for the challenges of competing at the highest levels. Patra continues to be a valuable resource and confidant for our daughter, and she hopes to continue to train with her to the extent her collegiate schedule allows. We would strongly recommend Patra for any athlete that is concerned with remaining healthy and competing at their highest potential."

-Debra and Walker Graham

"I have been working out with Patra for over 2 years.  In those 2 years, I  have found that my strength, speed and agility have improved tremendously.  I love the way Patra always knows what my best effort is and if I’m not giving it she pushes me to reach and exceed it.  In addition to this, Patra always cares about how my academics and athletics are going and she encourages me to excel in both.  I’m always excited to go to my workouts with Patra because I know that working with her is going to help me to achieve my goals." - M.H., Basking Ridge, NJ